Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the process work to sell my house?

    After you complete the online information form one of our Peoria based investors will contact you within 24 hours to gather some additional information about your home and determine the best way we can help you achieve your desired outcome with your house.  After our initial discussion, we can set up a time to visit your home in person at a time that is convenient for you to answer any questions and further explain the process of selling your home.

    If we reach an agreement to purchase your house, we can pay cash and close quickly.  At no time are you obligated to take a cash offer we make.  The decision is entirely up to you.

  • How do you determine the price you offer for a house?

    We take several factors into consideration when determining the price we can offer for a house. After meeting with you we will evaluate:

    • The existing condition of your house
    • The extent and cost of any repairs needed to bring your house up to full market potential
    • The time it will take to complete the needed repairs
    • The value of your home compared to other comparable homes in the area
    • The selling costs required to resell your home once it has been rehabbed. 
    • The costs associated with maintaining your home during repairs, including taxes, payments, insurance, utilities, and more
  • Are there any fees for you to give me a price to buy my house?

    No! We do not charge any fees to make you an offer or to buy your house. And if we do buy your house there are no real estate commissions, house inspection fees, or repair and cleaning costs. 

  • Am I under any obligation if I fill out your form or you make an offer?

    No. You're never obligated to sell your house to us. The decision is all up to you and any offer to purchase your house is with no obligation or cost to you.

  • Who are you?

    We are a local Peoria based team of professional investors and contractors who work together to provide solutions for those burdened by real estate. We purchase property with intention to rent, re-sell, or lease-option.

  • Where do you buy houses?

    We buy houses anywhere but primarily in Central Illinois because we are from this area. We have recently purchased real estate in Peoria, East Peoria, Peoria Heights, West Peoria, Germantown Hills, Metamora, Washington, Morton, Dunlap, Brimfield, Pekin, Sunnyland, Creve Coeur, and Chillicothe. 

  • Who sells houses or investment properties to you?

    All types of people! Those who are: trying to sell with an agent with no results; wanting to avoid real estate commissions;  inheriting a property; landlords tired of dealing with renters; needing to sell quickly due to divorce; title issues; facing a job transfer; owners behind on payments or dealing with foreclosure; people with neglected houses in need of too much repair; neighbors who live next to vacant houses and want them fixed up; and many more reasons.  Anyone who wants to deal with a reliable, reputable, honest Peoria based company who puts integrity above profits and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure a quick closing and no hassles.  Regardless of the type of real estate people are selling, the one thing they usually have in common is the need to sell their house quickly to a qualified home buyer who can ensure a fast, hassle free closing.

  • There is a vacant house on my block, should I contact you?

    Absolutely! We can locate the owner and make them an offer to buy the property. If we purchase the house it will be quickly fixed up and increase your property value and that of your neighbors! As we mentioned our team of professionals are based in Peoria and many of us are life-time Peoria area residents so we take pride in our community and like you want to see vacant homes and downtrodden neighborhoods within Peoria and the surrounding areas restored to their previous status.

  • Do you pay a finder's fee if I help you find property?

    Absolutely.  We pay finder's fees when you bring us real estate deals.  In some cases, we will pay up to $1,000. Contact us directly to discuss the terms.

  • Do you only buy houses?

    We are interested in purchasing all types of real estate including single family houses, duplexes, multi-unit properties, commercial buildings, small and large apartment complexes, condos, town homes, raw land, mobile homes, and even mobile home parks.

  • Are you the same company as "We Buy Houses" or "We Buy Ugly Houses"?

    No; while we do buy houses and we do buy ugly houses, we are in no way affiliated with either of those national companies. We are a local Peoria based team of professional real estate investors that works with local contractors, bankers and property managers to solve real estate problems in our community.  We are long-term and in some cases life time residents of the Peoria area so we are usually very familiar with your home location and are usually in a better position to actually purchase and close a sale in our Peoria area than many of the larger We Buy Houses or We Buy Ugly Houses franchises.

  • What if I still have questions?

    Call us at 309-689-0588, or contact us at the link below.



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