Sell your Home in As-Is Condition

Whether you inherited a home with years of deferred maintenance or simply want to sell your home fast without investing additional money in repairs, you are considering an as-is sale of your house.  Selling a home “as-is” describes the process of selling your home without making any improvements, staging, and with no additional money invested.  Contrary to what HGTV would have you believe, most buyers working real estate agents on the traditional real estate market aren’t looking for a massive rehab project.  If you don’t  want to invest any more time and money into your property you should consider selling your home in as-is condition.   

As-Is Homes and Traditional Real Estate

Homes in as-is condition often get overlooked on the traditional real estate market.  In a survey conducted by The Real Estate Staging Association, it was found that un-staged homes spend an average of 184 days on the market, while staged homes spend only an average of 23 days.  Staged homes with minor repairs completed sell 90% faster on the traditional real estate market.  

Sell your Home for Cash Fast As-Is

Real estate investors make fair offers for as-is homes because they are connected with professional contractors who can make repairs cost effectively.   An experienced cash buyer can accurately estimate the improvements your home needs and fairly account for those repairs in the cash offer they make to you.    Local real estate investors buy homes with all sorts of as-is conditions including mold, fire, storm, water damage.  They have the experience and connections to know exactly how to account for your repairs.  

Your Home is in Good Hands With a Local Cash Buyer

Selling your home to a local cash buyer can also give you the peace of mind that your community or local neighbor will from benefit by seeing your as-is house restored to like new condition.  Many local investors often already own property in the area so they will have have a vested interest in seeing your house improved and in increasing local property values.   Selling to a cash buyer allows you to sell your home fast without any additional time or money investment. If you decide you want to consider selling your house for cash in as-is condition, we hope you will consider contacting Central Illinois Houses Buyers. We can help you put a bad situation behind you and get on with your life regardless of the issue, job loss, death, divorce, deteriorating or unsafe neighborhood, foreclosure, lien or judgment, excessive deferred maintenance, or just wanting to make a fresh start.  Please give us a call and see if we can help.    

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